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About Bulamu.NET Ltd
Bulamu.NET is a registered I.T firm in Kampala, Uganda, majoring in website development and design since 2009. We are a team of dedicated and radical minded individuals bent on providing resourceful and professionally designed media for you to reach out to the world.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the advent of the Internet has greatly impacted the way businesses of various categories are run. It has provided a more potent, more adaptable tool for launching your business to a wider audience much faster. However to access that potential... that edge, you need a solid footing on the web; that is where Bulamu.NET comes in.

Our intelligent and optimized designs will give you that edge.

More About Bulamu.NET Ltd
A group of tenacious young people somewhere in Uganda realized early in life that they were not fashioned in the ordinary mould. They realized that they were burdened not only with remarkable skills but also a keen ambition. Being Ugandan, they picked a name that means LIFE; Yes, "Bulamu" is LIFE. And they have made I.T their LIFE. Believe it.

Our team is composed of Web programmers, graphics designers, desktop application programmers and copywriters. All our talents in our different spheres are brought to bear in every project that we undertake to ensure that the work we deliver is the very best that our collective efforts can bring into being; can bring to Life.


sample of website works

Fusion Consult

FUSION CONSULT is a consulting firm established by three partners with over thirty (30) years combined experience. Their expertise is garnered from varied working experiences in the public, private and academia arenas.

Action for Empowerment

AOET centers on the child- the whole child. And in an environment of poverty, disease, and vulnerability, education is one of the most important predictor of a child's growth and future economic certainity.

The folklore store

www.thefolklorestore.com - seller of authentic and fashionable hand crafted accessories and Art ? produced by Artisans, Visual Artists and fashion designers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mengo Hospital

Being the oldest hospital in Uganda, Mengo Hospital has evolved from a missionary hospital to becoming a centre of excellence focusing on developing new capabilities to provide holistic Health Care services.

Bukoola Chemical Industries Limited

Bukoola Chemical Industries Limited is one of the oldest and largest agrochemical distributing companies in Uganda.

Sebalu & Lule advocates

Founded in 1980, Sebalu & Lule Advocates and Legal Consultants is one of the oldest and the largest law firms in Uganda. It is a full-service corporate and commercial law firm covering all areas of commercial and civil law with expertise in banking and finance, insurance, tax law, project and infrastructure finance, intellectual property, capital markets, real estate conveyancing practice, civil litigation et al.

Bishop Henry Luke Orombi Foundation

Bishop Henry Luke Orombi Foundation; Empowering and strengthening community and government initiatives through Christian Education and publications, using appropriate techniques and Biblical interventions, for the benefit of the youth, children, women and the elderly.

Kasalina Gardens

The luxury serviced apartments are conveniently located on Nakasero Hill; within walking distance of Kampala's business district, upscale restaurants and leisure areas.

Email and Web hosting

Only provider of Unlimited web and email hosting in Uganda
We are dedicated, as a matter of honor, to providing our clients with the most reliable Web Hosting services.

Hosting your website with Bulamu.NET comes with the supplementary benefit of fast, reliable webhosting on secure servers coupled with 24 / 7 technical support. Yup, as our client you can reach us at any time via email or telephone and we will be more than happy to offer any technical support.

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Plot 90, 3rd Floor Kanjokya House
Kamwokya, Kampala
P.O Box 21018 Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: +256772076530
Telephone: +256782905955
Telephone: +256773038017
Email: info@bulamu.net
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  • (x)HTML and CSS.
  • Flash, AS3, and Flex technologies for both web and desktop applications.
  • PHP and MySQL.
  • JavaScript and Ajax technologies.
  • Extensive knowledge of content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal.
This list is subject to change; as a self respecting I.T. firm, we ensure that our body of knowledge grows with the times.